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stylish website designs that sell, using search engine optimisation and pay per click resources

jannineOur web sites are now our major source of new business.

The pay per click campaigns , also set up and maintained by Havendel, have given us a consistently high return on our investment.

Dr Jannine Stoodley

a_gregAs an Exhibition Organiser I rely heavily on my web sites to sell tickets to our Shows.

Havendel has always done an excellent job for us in designing and building our web sites and helping attract potential customers.

Greg Wimbourne - Specialex

We are very pleased with the internet shopping site that Havendel built for us.

I am particularly impressed with the way I am able to maintain the site myself.

You will also find that there is always someone pleased to help with any problems that may arise.

Simon Mayers

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation is the implementation of certain techniques on a web site, to help it attain a high ranking, for a given keyword or key phrase, on a Search Engine or Web Directory. This is usually Google. as a high ranking here will attract the highest amount of traffic to the site.

Googles stated objective is to serve up the most relevant web sites for any given search. It does this by analysing all web pages containing the search phrase and them ranking them according to certain proprietary criteria (using a secret algorithm).

By trial and error, it has been discovered what factors most influence Google to rank any site highly. A high ranking page is considered to be on the first page of search results (the top ten).

Search Engine Optimisation consists of working within the site (called on site optimisation) and off site, particularly with regard to gaining exterior links pointing to the site.

It is much easier to build in Search Engine Optimisation as the site is being built and this is what we do to all sites that we build.

We can undertake retrospective Search Engine Optimisation at a cost which depends on the type, size and structure of the site. Please click the link to ask for a price to undertake
Search Engine Optimisation on your website.


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