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jannineOur web sites are now our major source of new business.

The pay per click campaigns , also set up and maintained by Havendel, have given us a consistently high return on our investment.

Dr Jannine Stoodley

a_gregAs an Exhibition Organiser I rely heavily on my web sites to sell tickets to our Shows.

Havendel has always done an excellent job for us in designing and building our web sites and helping attract potential customers.

Greg Wimbourne - Specialex

We are very pleased with the internet shopping site that Havendel built for us.

I am particularly impressed with the way I am able to maintain the site myself.

You will also find that there is always someone pleased to help with any problems that may arise.

Simon Mayers


Setting Up A Pay Per Click Campaign

Pay Per Click is the single most effective way of generating instant traffic to a web site, even a new one.

We recommend starting off with Google and then expanding into Yahoo, MSN, AOL and others when the initial campaign is established.

Whilst anyone can easily log onto Google and set up a Pay Per Click campaign, there is a definite technique which we follow to ensure that:

a_tick_sm The advert is designed to achieve the highest click through rate and the best return on investment, whilst discouraging “tyre kickers” who click from idle curiosity rather than any intention to buy.

a_tick_sm The best key words and phrases are chosen to attract tightly targeted potential customers.

a_tick_sm The campaign is monitored and adjusted over the period of 1 month to fine tune the campaign so that it achieves the highest numbers of clicks through to the site for the lowest cost per click.

The cost for identifying the best targeted and relevant key words and phrases, setting up the campaign on Google, designing individual ads for each key word/phrase (which few bother with) and monitor the campaign daily for one month -

Total Cost - 250

Many customers prefer us to continue monitoring and adjusting the campaign and produce a monthly performance report, for which we charge -

50 per month per Campaign (or search engine).

Pay Per Click Enquiry


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